Welcome to our fundraising site that helps children with terminal illness


When a parent is told that their child is terminally ill, their world crashes around them. They spend the following weeks learning more about the illness, about treatment and meeting teams of different people that will be helping them through this difficult time, from consultants to Clic Sargent support workers. This is a very overwhelming time and processing all of this new information can be dizzying.

What we sometimes forget though is that life outside of this bubble goes on, bills still need to be paid, travel costs back and forth to the hospital still need to be covered and the general living costs still take their toll, plus, most parents won't be able to work through this tough time which adds even more stress to the mountain they are already climbing. As you can imagine, if your child is ill you would want to focus as much energy on that as possible, thats where we hope to help.

We take donations to pass on to families who are in need of some financial support and hope to take a little stress off their shoulders where money is concerned to hopefully allow them to spend more time on the things that matter, like spending time with each other.


About Our Project

Find out about our mission to help families who are dealing with their child being diagnosed with a terminal illness.

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Becky's Story

Learn more about the inspiration behind our organisation and her journey through her battle with cancer. 

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