We want to support families in need, but we need your help


When Becky was diagnosed with cancer, our thoughts didn't stretch far from getting her well again, just the same as any parent who deals with this horrifying truth. Spending all of your time being positive and having energy to get through each day leaves you exhausted when it comes to looking at the other parts of life that still go on, like the financial side. Bills that still need to be paid, taxis or petrol back and forth to the hospital, eating at the hospital cafe, any other children living in the house that may need to be looked after by relatives, etc. When your child has a life threatening illness, the last thing you want to think about is going to work to make enough money for day to day life, you want to be with them every single moment you can... and that is how it should be. 

We want to help families that find themselves in the same situation we did by offering some financial relief, for that we are asking for your help. Anything you can spare will be given to a family in need right now, passed on to someone who truly needs the support of their community. The donations will be passed to families in local hospitals, mostly the RVI in Newcastle to help with any financial pressures the family are feeling, to help take that added weight from their shoulders so they can focus all of their energy where it is needed, on their ill child.


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Becky's Story

Learn more about the inspiration behind our organisation and her journey through her battle with cancer. 

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