On the 15th of July 2011 our daughter, Becky, was complaining of a bad headache. She had be experiencing them for a few weeks but this was the worst, she couldn't open her eyes or move her head. We took her to Sunderland hospital to have her checked out, as we walked her into the doctors office Becky blacked out. She woke a few minutes later not remembering who anyone was, where she was or what had happened. After a scan and a few hours of waiting we discovered Becky had a mass on her brain, Sunderland organised for us to be taken to the RVI in Newcastle to have further tests.

The medical staff at the RVI told us that night that Becky had a lot of excess fluid on her brain that needed to be drain, which they did. When she came back to the room after a terrifying operation she was Becky again, she knew us and was smiling. The doctors had taken a biopsy and told us Becky had a brain tumour and that her chances of survival would be small. 

In October, with the money fundraised by family, friends and our local community, Becky's dreams came true as we embarked on a 10 day trip via train to London to see a show then on to Disneyland Paris where she met princesses, walked with Cinderella in the parade and stayed in the beautiful hotel on the grounds Following this Becky had a video call with JLS, her favourite band!

At the start of December, after a scan, we were told that Beckys tumour has shrunk and that the chemo she had been enduring had been working however by Christmas Becky was obviously getting more ill by the day. At the beginning of January, after another scan we were told by Becky's doctor that the tumour had not only returned to it's original size but it had doubled. They gave us the devastating news that there was nothing else that could be done, on the 20th of January 2012 Becky passed away. 

Our beautiful girl was the bravest person we ever knew, her strength continues to inspire us everyday.

Rebecca Lily Bell, 18/08/2004 - 20/01/2012