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You can make a difference. With the money people donated to Becky we were able to take her on her dream holiday to Disneyland Paris.

Imagine what your donation could do for a child who really needs that little burst of happiness. We don't ask for much, all you can afford. Everything that we get will help a child and their family in some way. Whether that be buy taking some excess worry from their shoulders by paying for a petrol to the hospital or even giving their child something incredible like a trip that would allow that family to spend some much needed time together in a happier setting. 

We want to thank you for visiting our page and would love it if you could share our store via social media. If you could make a donation today that would be fantastic and a huge help to someone who needs it, thanks again. 

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If you prefer to donate in person, feel free to drop us a message either via our contact page below or via Julie, the founder of this charity on 07927225542